Potatoes in a blanket : Samosa (2pcs)

Seasonal potatoes & peas wrapped in lightly homemade pastry



Gobhi 65 Pakora

Blanched cauliflower florets fried in chickpea batter



Onion Bahji

Onion rings, fried in spicy chickpea flour batter until golden brown



Chicken Pakoda

Boneless chicken pieces dipped in finely spiced, chickpea flour batter & deep fried



Tandoori Mushroom

Mushrooms marinated in thick yoghurt and spices



Paneer Tikka

Soft juicy chunks of Cottage Cheese marinated in tantalizing tandoorie masala and grilled with onion and capsicum



Chicken Tikka

Tender bites of boneless chicken marinated w/lemon juice, spice and yoghurt



Tandoori Chicken

Tender bites of spiced marinated chicken cooked in tandoor







Lamb Cutlet (4pcs)

Deftly marinated lamb cutlets roasted in tandoor



Seekh Kebab

Minced lamb w/green spices rolled on skewer and cooked in tandoor



Paroni Batter Fish Pakora

Fish pieces dipped in finely spiced, chickpea flour batter & deep fried




Dal Makhani

Whole black lentil simmered on a slow fire and tempered w/ginger, garlic and tomatoes



Dal Tadka

Punjabi yellow lentil cooked w/onion, tomato and flavoured w/tempered ghee and spices



Veg Korma

Traditional merging of nine mixed vegetables cooked in cashew and almond sauce



Aloo Gobi

Potatoes and cauliflower cooked w/cumin seeds, ginger and spices



Eggplant Masala

Whole eggplant roasted on open fire, then pureed and cooked in finely chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and peas



Pumpkin Masala

Butternut pumpkin cooked with onions, tomatoes, vegetable gravy



Bhindi Masala

Stir fry okra and onion w/hint of dry mango powder



Malai Kofta

Homemade cottage cheese and potato dumpling in cashew nut enriched sauce



Mushroom Masala – R

Wild mushrrom cooked w/onion, tomato and capsicum


1947 Tawa Vegetables (Special)

Vegetables cooked in open pan and garnishes w/spices and fresh coriander



Punjabi Chana and Paneer Masala

Chickpea cooked w/cottage cheese, Punjabi spices and herbs


Paneer Tikka Masala

Cottage cheese cooked w/tomato, onion, capsicum and spice




Kadai Paneer

Cottage cheese blended w/spices, capsicum, onion and tomato



Saag Paneer

Spinach, mustard leaves cooked in special masala sauce



Paneer Methi Malai

A healthy blend of cottage cheese, dried fenugreek leaves, cream and spices




Butter Chicken

Roasted chicken pieces loaded into a creamy tomato sauce



Kadai Chicken

Pieces of chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic crushed coriander and other spices



Chicken Korma

Chicken cooked w/cashew nuts, almonds, fresh cream kasmati, Indian spices, ginger, garlic and onion



1947 Special Tawa Chicken

Chicken cooked w/seasonal vegetables in onion and tomato gravy w/aromatic spices. This dish is generally cooked on roadside dhabas on big tawa.



1947 Special Murgh Methi Malai

An amalgam of the mellow flavors of fenugreek leaves cooked w/chicken and ground spices, made rich an luscious w/fresh cream.



Chicken Madras

Succulent chicken pieces superbly combined in onion gravy, curry leaves, coconut milk and South Indian spices.



Chicken Saag

Chicken pieces smothered in a spinach puree spiced to taste.



Chicken Vindaloo

Cooked in mouth-watering special sauce, hot chilli, spices, vinegar and finished
with crispy fried onion.




Butter Prawn

A rich delicacy w/rich tomato based gravy.



Kadai Prawn

Pieces of prawn cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic crushed coriander and other spices



Marinara Masala

Cooked to perfection with assortment of Indian spices



Fish Tikka Masala

Fillet cooked in freshly made masala and spices



Main Course LAMB MENU

Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb cooked w/ginger, garlic and tomato until tender



Lamb Saag

Leen lamb cooked w/pureed spinach, herbs, spices and simmered in fresh cream



Lamb Vindaloo

Tender pieces cooked in hot spices and herbs and a touch of vinegar



Lamb Madras

Lamb pieces cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaves and creamy sauce



Honey Lamb

Lamb pieces cooked with honey



Goat Masala

Succulent leg pieces of goat flavored w/ground spices and cooked w/onion



Lamb Cutlet Masala

Flattened lamb chops delicately spiced and marinated in yogurt, slow cooked in the
traditional Indian Tandoor with rich gravy.



All Curries Cooked To Your Taste


Main Course BEEF MENU

Beef Vindaloo

Tender pieces cooked in hot spices, herbs and touch of vinegar



Beef Madras

Cooked in South Indian spice w/mustard seeds and dash of cream



Beef Saag

Tender pieces of beef slowly cooked in cream and fresh spinach sauce



Beef Bhuna

Succulent cubes of beef flavored w/ground spices, cooked w/onion and capsicum



Bombay Street Chaat

Aloo Tikki

Indian patties made w/potatoes mixed w/spices and fried



Chole Bhature

Deep-fried puffy breads made of fine-grained wheat flour, served w/spiced chickpea stew



Samosa Chaat

Samosa mashed and topped w/chickpea gravy, garnished w/spices and chutney



Mix Chat (Papri & Bhalla)

Papri & Bhalla mashed and topped with chickpea gravy, garnished with
spices & chutney.




Tandoori Roti / Plain Naan / Butter Naan

Special wheat flour preparation baked in Tandoor



Garlic Naan

Garlic bread from tandoor



Aloo Paratha

Wholemeal bread stuffed w/potatoes



Masala Kulcha

Bread stuffed w/homemade cheese, mashed potatoes, coriander and a pinch of spice



Cheese Naan

Cheese bread from tandoor



Keema Naan

Bread stuffed minced lamb, spice and herbs



Kashmiri Naan

Tandoori bread stuffed w/dried fruits and nuts



1947 Special Cheesy Chicken Naan

Bread stuffed minced chicken, cheese, spices and herbs




Saffron Rice

Basmati rice infused w/saffron






Lemon and Coconut Rice

Basmati rice cooked w/mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconut and lemon







Peas Pulao

Basmati rice cooked w/lightly spiced peas



Kashmiri Pulao

Basmati rice cooked w/lightly spiced dry fruits and nuts



Veg Biryani

Aromatic basmati rice flavoured w/saffron and cooked w/fresh seasonal vegetables



Chicken Biryani

Aromatic basmati rice flavoured w/saffron and cooked w/chicken and exotic spices



Lamb Biryani

Aromatic basmati rice flavoured w/saffron and cooked w/lamb and exotic spices




Garden Salad$5
Onion Salad and Green Chili$4.50
Chef Special Chicken Tikka Salad$8
Papadum (4pcs)$2


Shahi Kulfi (Mango, Pista & Paan)$4.50
Gulab Jamun (2pcs)$5.50
Nutella Naan topped w/Cream$7.50


Coke / Lemonade / Fanta$4.59
Salted Laasi$4.50
Sweet Laasi$4.50
Mango Laasi$4.50

Kid’s Menu

(<10 yrs)

Butter Chicken w/Rice$8
Chicken Nuggets$8
Nutella Bread$7

Lunch Special Thali at $11

Choose Any Two Curries

Potato Curry / Daal Makhani / Chef Special – Vegetarian Curry / Chicken Tikka / Butter Chicken / Lamb Rogan Josh / Beef Vindaloo / Goat Masala + Naan + Rice

Add a drink at $2

Family Pack at $56

Value Pack at $36


Samosa (4pcs)

½ Tandoori Chicken


Chicken Tikka (2pcs)

Samosa (2pcs)


Veg Korma, Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh


Veg Korma and Lamb Rogan Josh


4x Naan, 2x Rice (large), Papadums, Salad, Raita


2x Naan, 1x Rice, Papadums, Salad, Raita